meet sloane

My career in media has covered just about all its aspects. I started out a radio disc jockey. Then, I became a TV weather girl. From there, it was TV reporter, anchor, video producer, radio news director, arts and movie critic. Along the way, I’ve lived and worked in California, Utah, Washington D.C. and Baltimore. I’ve worked as on-camera and voice-over talent on the airwaves, and on the small screen and big – in several movies, including “Hairspray,” “Pecker,” “Cecil B. DeMented,” and “Head of State.” I’m a writer, photographer, videographer, video editor and producer. For the last 15 years, my primary role has been society reporter for The Baltimore Sun, as well as writing about what fashionistas around town are into. That means I have a pretty good idea of: what’s happening around town, who’s happening around town, and what’s being worn around town. While I’ve always loved “playing dress-ups,” fashion became an important element in my work in the public eye. I learned what an important role it could play in creating impressions and sending subtle messages – both firsthand, and from my incredibly wise clinical psychologist husband. My love of fashion also led me to the Maryland Institute College of Art, where I learned the basics of jewelry metal-working. And Sloane Brown Designs was launched in 2002. I created a made-to-order jewelry line of necklaces and earrings that was sold in several local boutiques. Eventually, my business grew to include the creation of the Bingham Bag and Sloane Brown Bag that brought back the old-fashioned muff in the form of a fabulous fur and faux fur shoulder bag…and the Skirt Flirt, a cool wardrobe accessory that could dress up and add new dimension to many skirts and dresses. But, keeping folks in the loop about what, who and who’s-wearing-what is my main passion. So, join me as the journey continues.