bingham bags

This Bingham Bag is made of natural crystal fox plate and has a purple satin lining. Each bag is embellished with double gold and black woven braid that lies against the fur when the bag is slung on your arm as a muff. A simple pull on the braid and suddenly the muff morphs into a versatile shoulder bag, adding to its functional allure. There are two large zipper pockets on each side of the bag; each runs the full length of your Bingham Bag. So you can pile everything in it that you would any other favorite handbag. The zipper pulls are natural crystal. One is faceted, one is smooth to make it easier to identify one pocket from the other. And the pockets are still easily accessible no matter what form your bag takes! The Bingham Bag measures 16″ x 14″. Made in the USA of Canadian fox fur plate. Furrier dry clean only. Price $500